Annual Wellness
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Annual Wellness

By visiting each year with your health in mind, you can establish goals to manage your health risks, feel better and live a healthier life.

The Fast Pace Health scope of care includes:

The goal of an annual wellness visit is to provide your local provider with a complete personal and family health history and help prevent any future health problems by maintaining a recurring health journey with you. We provide the tools and information to set you on the correct path for each year.



Taking ownership of your health and living a healthy lifestyle today will allow you to be healthier in the future.

During your annual wellness visit, you will have a conversation with the Fast Pace Health provider to discuss your health history, any concerns you may have regarding your health, and review your medications and immunizations. Your local provider will also review your existing health problems to determine what health issues may develop in the future and how to prevent them.

Fast Pace Health – Your primary wellness home

Fast Pace Health Annual Wellness gives you an opportunity to establish a relationship with a Primary Care Provider who will be your “home” for wellness and coordination of your care needs along your journey.

  • Annual Wellness Screenings – Visit each year for your annual wellness screenings, set healthy lifestyle goals and to talk with your Primary Care Provider about your health.
  • High Blood Pressure Screenings – Where you go throughout the year to visit with your Primary Care Provider, if necessary, based on your health numbers to manage your high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol.
  • Annual Physicals* – Assess your physical fitness and activity levels, manage nutrition, or achieve a healthy weight. *Includes sports physicals
  • Mental Wellness – Gain an understanding of behavioral health issues and establish a consultation schedule with behavioral health experts.
  • Referred Care – Where to go when you require care that needs to be coordinated with a referred to specialist.

As we age, certain diseases and health conditions become more apparent and require ongoing care. Regular check-ups can catch warning signs early on. The earlier the detection, the easier it is to treat. Take charge of your care with Fast Pace Health. Here is a handy guide to tests and screenings you should get throughout your life.